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Cura For The World - A Non-Profit Organization Based In Tulsa, Oklahoma

You Thrive, They Thrive.

Thrive IV Hydration partners with Cura For The World to donate 15% of proceeds from every IV Hydration directly to their non-profit efforts.


Cura For The World is a not-for-profit organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma that aims to build CURA Medical Clinics or Centers as part of a three-fold model to fight poverty. The CURA Medical Clinic is designed to provide basic medical aid and medical education including proper hygiene practices. The second arm of practice is food security through permaculture. The third initiative is to address access to clean water through water-wells and diversion of existing water sources.

CURA for the World was founded on a vision to heal and nourish the neglected, to break the chains of the illiterate, and to have limitless love in a world where love is often forgotten.

Cura For The World Is A Not-For-Profit Organization Based In Tulsa, Oklahoma

To learn more about Cura's initiative, you can visit them at

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