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Intravenous (IV) Therapy
for Athletes

Be the athlete you’ve always wanted.

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Sports Can Be Tough On Your Body

Muscle fatigue can keep you from crossing the finish line. Injuries can hold you back from accomplishing your goals. Muscle cramps can be debilitating.


The leading cause of all these issues is dehydration.

Fuel up the right way with IV hydration

The harder you work, the more fluids your body loses. And you don’t have time to waste in replenishing them. You can’t push your body when it’s out of gas. If you experience these challenges, it might be time to take your hydration to the next level.


Yes, you can focus on drinking water, electrolytes, and taking supplements to nourish your body and to recover, but what if there was a quicker way?

Unlike water and supplements, IV therapy naturally enters your bloodstream and floods your cells immediately, leading to instantaneous relief. 


Though you should still hydrate traditionally before and after  any type of exercise, IV drips are a quick and convenient way to give your body fuel to play your hardest. 


It’s easy to consider the benefits of a post-workout hydration for recovery purposes, but IV therapy is also a great booster for pre-workout –– so you can tackle your next meet, game or training session with all the right tools in your kit.  

Event in an hour? No sweat.

Conveniently located in-spa on Brookside in Tulsa or on-the-go with our mobile concierge, Thrive IV Hydration can fuel you up, whether it’s before or after the action.


The Super Energy & Endurance blend is the perfect fit for busy athletes –– with essential vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to energize your muscles and help them recover faster. Need a custom blend? We have that, too. We’d love to chat and help find the right blend for you.

Our passionate, experienced  Registered Nurses have over 75 years of combined medical experience and are IV pros.

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